Entre Terre et Ciel

A live electroacoustic collaboration with composer Annie Mahtani.

Between 12th and 19th July we were resident in Azet, a small village in the middle of the Pyrenees where we began the first stage of a long-term collaborative project.

We spent three days trekking and field recording around the area which we explored on three different levels: the bottom of the Vallée d’Aure at 800m, the valley of Arsoué and Azet at 1200m and the mountain path of Azet at 1580m. The sonic environments on these three levels were dramatically different from very populated towns to deserted open spaces.

We spent the majority of our time on the deserted valley of Arsoué where we collected a wealth of sound material from the natural environment. The valley changed day to day, one moment shrouded in clouds and mist and the next blue skies and strong burning sun which meant aural changes as well as visual.

We also encountered the Tour de France in Guchen and Bastille day festivities in the local town Saint-Lary-Soulan.

After our recording sessions we retired to our temporary studios where we worked on the material in preparation for it’s first presentation at SOUNDkitchen’s SONICpicnic.

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