for 12 players:

Flute, Clarinet/Clarinet Bass, Horn, 2 Laptops, Percusion (Vibraphone, Bass Drum, Cymbal, Crotales, Temple Blocks), Piano, 2 Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.

© BCMG 2012, recorded rehearsal at the CBSO Centre, Birmingham, uk.

Every instrument should be amplified as indicated on the stage plan.
Contact microphones such as DPA are preferable to use with the string quintet.
Any other instrument can use hyper-cardioid air microphones
except for the vibraphone which needs a carioid one.
During the performance, someone needs to seat behind the mixer in order to make sure the balance is right.
The score is in C.
Laptop performers are sampling the ensemble live as indicated in the score using the given patch in Max MSP (5). Laptop performers are playing the indicated sample on written dynamics,
improvising and modifying the sound file (within the limits of indications in the parts) through the given patch using a motion capture device (Wii remote and nunchuck) to control the parrameters of the patch.
Acoustic instrument performers should perform the music using any visual expression
that can emphasis each effect and gesture written on paper as much as possible,
giving a nearly theatrical performance so that the audience’s experience of the music is greater.

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