SSSP Conference 2013 – Leicester

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 09.28.30I’ll be premiering my 8-channel work Ailleurs today at the Sound, Sight, Space and Play (SSSP) 2013 Conference at the Music Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC), De Montfort University.
Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting a paper entitled: Acousmoniums and Sound Systems, Evolution – Proposition.
I’ll also have a piece being played in the listening room.
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Other Topics include:
● Sound Diffusion
● Acousmatic composition
● Multi Channel Approaches to Composition and Sound Projection
● Installations
● Interactivity
● Audio-Visuals and Media
● Sound design
● Electronics and Circuit Bending
● Performance Practice
● Education and the sonic arts
● Theoretical Implications of the above


SOUNDkitchen’s 2013 series starts tonight!

Stuart Estell & Sam Underwood – Tuba

Ore play slow music using two tubas and amplification, informed (but not limited) by their enthusiasm for drones, doom metal, improvisation and minimalism.

Ore describe themselves as ‘heavy, but our heaviness comes from the way our bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass sounds hang in the air and relate to their surroundings – natural echoes, natural silences.’
“…authentically unusual sounds from the deep, resonant depths of their instruments, almost pulsing at times as they generated a marvellous, foghorn-deep drone, punctuated by snatched breaths, like hissing gas or the wind’s whistle. The primordial noises were somehow more impressive for being organic in nature and all the more so when you consider that this was the duo’s first public performance.” – The Line Of Best Fit


Justin wiggan (Dreams of Tall Buildings, Red Cross Stare) will begin the exploration into an on going series of works called The Doberman Variations, based on the artists unfounded fascination with dobermans, Grace Jones and abandoned theme parks using fractured and broken records, manipulated ferric cassettes, home made norwegian synths, prepared dictaphones and vocals.


Szilárd is the solo musical alias of emerging Brooklyn-based sound artist, Jeremy Young. His music has been reshaping constantly since he first began composing, but currently takes the form of tone&tape textures that eschew notions of musical stability and consonance. Young is interested in exploring the dialogues between sonic elements, creating interesting environments of sound and utilizing narrative and theory from literature. In performance, he uses multiple simultaneous reel-to- reel tape players, wave oscillators, contact-mics and a wash of reverberating guitar tones, though historically he has made use of elements as diverse as sand, motors, radios and a guzheng. Spokes, his debut full-length release, was created in experimentation with obscure tape-loop installations both around a room and outdoors; taking 1/4″ tape recordings in the woods and immediately playing them back to record along with the natural layering of clean outdoor ambience being woven together in a moment. In this respect, Young sees his solo work as a combination of installation and performance, documented by specific recording treatments.

Young has been awarded a project residency for January, 2013 at the SoundFjord Gallery in London.

BEAST presents… Encounters


I’ll be performing my new piece Musique Hivernale, a stereo electroclip of 4 minute on the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre this Sunday (17/02/13) at 2pm at the new Elgar Concert Hall – Bramall Music Building – University of Birmingham in Edgbaston. The programme also includes pieces by M. Clemente, C. Kontos, R. Coull, N. Lorway and M. Malavasi. More info here.

SOUNDkitchen perform in the Sonic Arts Series – 29 Jan 2013 The Forum, Norwich (UK).

NorwichpicOur composers’ collective SOUNDkitchen will be presenting a live multi-channel performance in response to the theme of ‘Acoustic Architecture’. Working with field recordings, live processing and spatialisation we will explore three sonic spaces. Travelling between natural environment, man-made structures and unreal soundscape, the performance ends in an entirely abstract soundworld that plays with the spatial and acoustic properties of the Forum itself.

Performed by Iain Armstrong, James Carpenter and Julien Guillamat

For more info and book tickets click here.

BiLE Perform at Symphony Hall – 29 May 2012

A FREE post-concert performance of new and older works by BiLE (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble) in the Birmingham Symphony Hall Cafe Bar after Dracula: The Music and Film.

We will be performing Back to Front by Julien Guillamat, a new work by Shelly Knotts and Chained Melody, a new collaborative work by BiLE specially composed for this great occasion. Not to miss!

If you want to attend Dracula: The Music and Film’s event performed by the Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass at Symphony Hall go here.

Join on our Facebook event page here.

See the video links of the Dracula event :
Dracula. La musique et le film. by NuitsdeFourviere

SOUNDkitchen play NoiseFloor 2012 – 3rd May 2012 @ 17.45

Annie Mahtani and myself will be performing Entre Terre et Ciel during a performance of SOUNDkitchen team along with James Carpenter, Shelly Knotts, Iain Amstrong and Chris Tarren at NoiseFlorr festival of experimental electronic music and sonic art at the Staffordshire University, Stafford. A continuous performance from 6 performers involving live electroacoutics, fixed media and diffusion.  FREE ENTRY!

Between 12th and 19th July we were resident in Azet, a small village in the middle of the Pyrenees where we began the first stage of a long-term collaborative project.

We spent three days trekking and field recording around the area which we explored on three different levels: the bottom of the Vallée d’Aure at 800m, the valley of Arsoué and Azet at 1200m and the mountain path of Azet at 1580m. The sonic environments on these three levels were dramatically different from very populated towns to deserted open spaces.

We spent the majority of our time on the deserted valley of Arsoué where we collected a wealth of sound material from the natural environment. The valley changed day to day, one moment shrouded in clouds and mist and the next blue skies and strong burning sun which meant aural changes as well as visual.

We also encountered the Tour de France in Guchen and Bastille day festivities in the local town Saint-Lary-Soulan.

After our recording sessions we retired to our temporary studios where we worked on the material in preparation for it’s first presentation at SOUNDkitchen’s SONICpicnic.

To whet your appetites here are some photos and sounds from the trip but be sure to join us on the evening of 29th July for the full performance!

Entre le 12 et 19 Juillet nous avons été résident à Azet, un petit village au milieu des Pyrénées, où nous avons commencé la première étape d’un projet de collaboration.

Nous avons effectué trois jours de randonné et d’enregistrement sur le terrain autour de cette zone que nous avons exploré sur trois niveaux différents: le fond de la Vallée d’Aure à 800m, la vallée d’Arsoué et Azet à 1200m et le col d’Azet situé à plus de 1580m.

Les environnements sonores sur ces trois niveaux sont radicalement différents, on y trouve des villes très peuplées et des espaces ouverts désertiques. Nous avons passé la majorité de notre temps dans la vallée inhabitée d’Arsoué où nous avons recueilli une foule de documents sonores provenant de l’environnement naturel. La vallée change au jour le jour : un moment enveloppée de nuages et de brume puis un ciel bleu et un soleil brûlant signifiant des changements sonores ainsi que visuels radicaux.

Nous avons également rencontré le Tour de France à Guchen ainsi que les festivités du 14 Juillet dans la ville locale de Saint-Lary-Soulan.

Après nos sessions d’enregistrement nous nous sommes retirés dans nos studios temporaires, où nous avons travaillé sur le matériel en préparation pour la première présentation de notre travail au SONICpicnic de SOUNDkitchen (Birmingham, UK).

Assurez-vous de nous rejoindre dans la soirée du 29 Juillet pour l’exécution finale de cette première partie!

BiLE performance at TEDxBrum

Sonnation II, the live version (for cow bells and laptop ensemble) of Sonnation I (8 channel acousmatic work) will be performed at the first TEDx in Birmingham on the 24th of March 2012 by BiLE. The event has sold out but you can watch a live stream of it here!

Birmingham’s inaugural TEDx event will bring the TED spirit of ideas worth spreading to our city for the very first time, igniting a passion for spreading ideas in local communities and beyond. The aim is to spark deep conversations and connections, bringing together people from different backgrounds from across the city to inspire both thought and action.

//NMF// & SOUNDkitchen 26-29.01.12.

SOUNDkitchen are pleased to announce our first tasting menu of the new year. This special event will launch Birmingham’s first Network Music Festival and to whet your appetite for the hi-tech musical mastery in store we are presenting some of Birmingham’s best home grown electronic acts. The NETWORK MUSIC FESTIVAL PRE-FESTIVAL PARTY co-curated by SOUNDkitchen takes place on Thursday 26th January, 8pm at The Edge, Digbeth.

And the Network Music Festival will take place in Birmingham (UK) 27th-29th of January 2012. A weekend of hi-tech musical performances and workshops that presents new musical forms and ideas where networking is central to the aesthetics, creation or performance practice of the work. In association with BEAST.

BiLE will be performing XYZ by Shelly Knotts and premiere the first ever written LaptOpera by Charles Céleste Hutchins Saturday 28 at 6pm.

© Antonio Roberts

Artsfest September the 10th.

  BiLE has been selected to play at famous Birmingham festival Artsfest.

We will be playing at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery in the Round Room Gallery Saturday the 10th of September at 15.30. BiLE will be performing my recently re-titled electroacoustic cello sonata Back to Front’ and Stucknote by Scot Gresham-Lancaster of our favourite laptop band: The Hub. As usual, there’ll be visuals from Antonio Roberts.
Hope to see you in a week!

BILE a été sélectionné pour jouer au célèbre festival de Birmingham : Artsfest. 
Nous allons jouer au Musée de Birmingham & Art Gallery dans le cycle de chambre Galerie Samedi 10 Septembre à 15h30. BILE interprétera ma récemment ré-intitulée ‘Back to Front’ sonate électroacoustique pour violoncelle ainsi Stucknote par Scot Gresham-Lancaster de notre bande préférée: The Hub. Comme d’habitude, il y aura des visuels d’Antonio Roberts. A la semaine prochaine!


Here are some videos from SOUNDkitchen’s SONICpicnic at VIVID. An exciting evening, I really can’t wait for the next one! Voici quelques vidéos de SONICpicnic de SOUNDkitchen à VIVID (Birmingham UK). Une soiré très excitante, vite, vite… la prochaine!

‘Back to Front’  an electroacoustic cello sonata (with BiLE, visuals A. Roberts).

Entre Terre et Ciel (with Annie Mahtani, visuals A. Roberts).

A SONICpicnic @ VIVID…

Since February 2011 some great artists have been on the stage of SOUNDkitchen. They are coming back to celebrate the summer at SONICpicnic at VIVID the garage, the 29th July from noon till late!

Some of my piece will be played through out the day:

  • De Part Et D’Autre – my tape piece will be played in the immersive listening room all day.
  • Entre Terre et Ciel – a sonic impression of the Vallée d’Aure, a new collaboration with Annie Mahtani on the main stage in the Evening.
  • Back to Front (EA Cello Sonata) – that I will perform with BiLE on their own stage in the evening.
  • STONEsoup – a collective film to which I contributed with 12 other artists will be screened during lunch time.

Back to Front (Electroacoustic Cello Sonata) by BiLE

Laptops Meet Musicians Festival – VENICE – 11&12.07.2011

The Laptops Meet Musicians Festival selected BiLE for a performance in Venice.

This is the first world festival of laptop orchestras and laptop ensembles. Laboratorioarazzi of the Giorgio Cini Foundation‘s “Istituto per la musica”, in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music “B. Marcello” and the “Ca’ Foscari” University (Venice, Italy) organizes two days of concerts, round tables, demos and posters about laptop orchestras and ensembles and interactivity between musicians and portable technologies taking place the 11th and 12th of July.

We will be playing 2 pieces written by members of BiLE : XYZ by Shelly Knotts and Partially Percusive by Charles Celeste Hutchins.

So if you happen to be in Venice, come along. Otherwise, we’ll be updating the blog when we get back!

Here are the programme notes:

XYZ (or ‘Sonic Arm Wrestle’) is a structured improvisation using motion capture devices such as iPhone, Wiimote and Xbox Kinect. Each player can fight to take control of another players sound.

In Partially Percusive, players sample the sounds of striking metallic objects and then manipulate the sounds in software. Players are instructed to listen for whether other players are playing sounds that are percussive vs sustained, pointillistic vs flowing, sparse vs dense, or loud vs soft and situate their own sounds accordingly. Players can sample a new sound after a pause and can pause for as long as they’d like, when they feel they should.

You can hear a recording here.

NiME 2011, Oslo 30 May-1 June

The 2011 New Interfaces for Musical Expression selected us (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble) to perform this year in Oslo.
The NIME conference draws a varied group of participants, including researchers (musicology, computer science, interaction design, etc.), artists (musicians, composers, dancers, etc.) and developers (self-employed and industrial). The common denominator is the mutual interest in groundbreaking technology and music, and contributions to the conference cover everything from research on human cognition through experimental technological devices to multimedia performances.

We will be playing a new piece by Shelly Knotts using motion capture devices such as iphones, wiimote or kinnect where each player has to fight for their sounds!
So if you’re around, we’ll be performing the Tuesday 31st of May @ 9.00pm in Chateau Neuf (Street address: Slemdalsveien 15).

BiLE in Liverpool the 15th May @ 5.00pm

® A. Roberts

BiLE will be performing my Electroacoustic Cello Sonata, Quince Minutos Para BiLE by Jorge Garcia Moncada, Right Durations from Aus den Sieben Tagen by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Stuck Note by Scot Lancaster-Gresham (The Hub) and Partially Percussive by Charles Celeste Hutchins in Liverpool @ Holy Trinity Church Hall, Church Road, Wavertree, L15.
We will also give the audience a chance to perform live with us.

You can listen to Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Right Durations on BiLE’s SoundCloud: